Diesel exhaust black smoke causes and treatment failure

Abstract: Diesel diesel black smoke is one of the most common faults. Exercise on the road when we saw smoke billowing from the car, our first reaction is that this car is diesel powered. Diesel black smoke caused by many factors, fuel system, combustion system, intake and exhaust system failures can cause black smoke engine failure occur. Author based on practical experience over the years, summed up his debut series of air-cooled Deutz diesel engine 413F/513 black smoke as the main causes and troubleshooting for the relevant personnel when the exclusion of similar fault reference.
     Keywords: diesel smoke failure analysis
First, the impact of diesel engine failure factors in black smoke
The following factors could cause diesel black smoke:
1 fuel supply system factors
(1) fuel injection advance angle is not correct: timing advance angle is too large or too small;
(2) fuel pump or a valve plunger serious wear and tear;
(3) injector (mouth) problems: poor atomization nozzle, or drip stuck serious or injection pressure is not correct;
(4) fuel pump governor in question;
(5) fuel oil is too big;
(2) combustion system factors
(1) lack of cylinder compression pressure: too much piston clearance, valve Mifengbuyan, valve seat recessed too deep;
(2) valve clearance does not;
3 intake factors
(1) air filter quality issues;
(2) into the trachea resistance problems;
(3) into the problem of too high temperatures;
4 exhaust system factors
(1) muffler problems;
(2) exhaust pipe resistance problems;
5 Other factors
(1) Fuel quality issues;
(2) environmental factors;
(3) equipment matching.


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